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Anti-counterfeiting Solutions for Foods & Drinks


The quantity of various products is huge, and the data management is inconvenient

Ensure transparency and traceability of product information with QS defender brand protection software


Counterfeit products mislead consumers, impacting enterprise market share

QS defender security digital management system uses unique serial number traceability technology to achieve full link transparency

Our Anti Counterfeiting and Traceability Solutions

  • Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Security Solution

    • Verify product authenticity
    • Monitor the life cycle from manufacturing to retail
    • Improve supply chain transparency
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    RFID Labels and Technology Solution

    • Full process visual tracking and anti-counterfeiting
    • Automation and optimization of inventory management
    • Transparency of supply chain and improvement of retail efficiency
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    QR Code Integrated Marketing Solution

    • Defender digital platform sets data comparison to achieve intelligent counterfeit goods warning
    • Automatically collect layer by layer scanning data from distributors, terminal stores, and consumers
    • Automatically record product inbound and outbound information
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  • Security Paper Box

    Authenticity markings on packaging build customer trust. QR codes or special designs allow consumer verification, fostering brand-consumer interaction and loyalty.

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    Security Label

    Smart labels and QR codes: Traceability from production to consumption with smart labels and QR codes containing production dates and batch numbers.

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    Security Tape

    Branded tape with logos and designs catches eyes during unpacking and shipping, reinforcing brand memory and acting as a mobile ad, boosting brand impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use product labels for marketing activities?

    In addition to basic anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions, we can also combine labels with marketing activities, such as organizing activities such as scanning QR codes to receive red envelopes and points draws to stimulate consumer interaction and enhance brand loyalty and market activity.

  • Do product labels support personalization?

    We support personalized customization of product labels, including but not limited to color, pattern, size, shape, as well as customization of specific anti-counterfeiting elements and marketing functions to meet the needs of different brands and products.

  • How to ensure that product labels can be used normally in various environments?

    Our product labels use special materials and coatings that are resistant to high temperature, low temperature, waterproof, and scratch resistance to ensure that the information on the label can still be clearly seen under different climate conditions and usage environments, and the anti-counterfeiting technology remains effective.

  • How to get product details?

    Consumers only need to scan the QR code or barcode on the product label to be directly linked to the official website or dedicated page to obtain the product's detailed description, usage guide, ingredient list and other relevant information.

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