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Anti-counterfeiting And Anti-channelling Solutions

Based on the establishment of codes and relationships, the warehouse combines collectors, industrial computers, PDA handheld code scanners and other equipment to scan codes in all aspects and automatically record product entry and exit information; the anti-crossing inspection subsystem automatically collects dealers and terminals The QR code scanning data of stores and consumers are compared with the distribution scope set in the background to realize intelligent early warning of cross-stocking.

How To Use

Scratch off the anti-counterfeiting label.
Scan the QR code with the scanning software on your mobile phone.
The query results appear on the page and check whether the anti-counterfeiting codes are consistent.

Food & Beverage Anti-Trading Solution

From farm to table, food usually passes through multiple links such as breeding, production, processing, and circulation. Now using RFID technology will ensure high-quality food information and data exchange in all aspects of food production, processing, and circulation. Promote the improvement of food quality and increase the international competitiveness of food.Learn More

Healthcare Anti-counterfeiting And Anti-channelling Solutions

Through consumer anti-counterfeiting verification and query, the dealer scans codes for incoming and outgoing goods, and can automatically determine the phenomenon of cross-selling goods based on product logistics area information and consumer inquiry location information, collect statistics on cross-selling goods, and automatically send alarm emails; intelligently realize counterfeiting goods Collection of information to achieve early warning function of cross-selling goods.Learn More

Logistics And Transportation Anti-crossing Goods Solution

Allowing enterprises to manage anti-counterfeiting labels, product settings, distributor management, order management, logistics management, logistics statistics, business inquiries, smuggling alert queries, and anti-counterfeiting queries through the deployment of a logistics anti-counterfeiting system. This enables enterprises to have a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the logistics situation of their products, thereby providing decision-making basis for the enterprise.Learn More

Our Areas Of Expertise

Defender Security Label and Brand Protection

To create the printed products that protect against counterfeiting, product diversion and fraud.

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Anti-Counterfeiting Identification Solution

The safety traceability system makes the products with a unique identity and records all information from raw materials to sales.

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Channel and Anti-Counterfeiting Management

Our process integrates printing and anti-counterfeiting security technologies into a multi-layered solution.

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Protect the core value of the brand, empower business partners to maximize their profits, and put customer rights first.

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