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Anti Counterfeiting Identification

The defender system ensures that each product has a unique and irreproducible identity. The defender system is closely integrated with the QR code, barcode and encoding system to jointly build an efficient and secure identity information management and verification system.

The defender digital platform is a brand protection software that personalizes product identity and eliminates grey markets.


The existence of the gray market poses an obstacle to the development of original brands. Therefore, taking effective measures to avoid the impact of the gray market, implementing anti-counterfeiting solutions and protection strategies for brands, and deploying professional protection software have become key issues that enterprises need to solve urgently.

Custom Security Labels

As a technical means that is highly information-concentrated and easy to read, QR code labels can embed a large amount of identity information, such as company information, product introductions, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.Get A Solution Quote

Custom Anti-counterfeit Paper Boxes

A barcode and serial number are attached to the carton, and the code is obtained by scanning. The Defender system performs decoding and comparison in the background to realize the authenticity of the product. It can also be achieved that a large QR code collects the data of a box of small QR codes.Get A Solution Quote

Custom Anti-counterfeit Hang Tags

Hangtags are a link between consumers and consumers. Consumers can quickly learn about products and manufacturers through the content of hangtags. In recent years, RFID technology has been applied to product labels by more and more brands, especially shoe and clothing brands, such as Nike (NKE.N), Uniqlo, H&M, ZARA, etc.Get A Solution Quote

Custom Security Packaging Tapes

Custom security tape, with a specific serial number, can be scanned to obtain the code, which can be decoded and compared in the background of the QS defender system to accurately locate the data of the packaged and transported products.Get A Solution Quote

Custom Anti-counterfeit Certificates

Using advanced laser foil stamping technology and invisible fluorescent ink etc, we are able to produce document paper that is both beautiful and highly secure. It ensures that documents have both visual appeal and security attributes, and is especially suitable for producing legal documents, certificates and high-security printed matter.Get A Solution Quote

Custom Secure Tickets & Coupons

Only security tickets have real value; valuable tickets can really attract the return of consumption. For example, at exhibitions, concerts and other event sites, after scanning and confirming, records will be retained in the Defender system to prevent counterfeiting and multiple use, enhance consumer trust, and help the interests of event merchants.Get A Solution Quote
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