Provider in Authentication & Anti Counterfeiting Solutions

Security Label & Anti-counterfeiting Identification Solution

We focus on providing personalized, innovative label design solutions and achieving high-quality printing production.

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Channel and Anti Counterfeiting Management Solution

We focus on providing personalized, innovative label design solutions and achieving high-quality printing production.

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Our Areas Of Expertise

Defender Security Label and Brand Protection

To create the printed products that protect against counterfeiting, product diversion and fraud.

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Anti Counterfeiting Identification

The safety traceability system makes the products with a unique identity and records all information from raw materials to sales.

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Channel and Anti Counterfeiting Management

Our process integrates printing and anti-counterfeiting security technologies into a multi-layered solution.

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Solutions and Applications

Defender Digital Platform

Protecting Core Brand Values, Maximizing Partner Profits, and Prioritizing Client Rights Always

Anti-counterfeiting and authentication solution

QR Code Authenticity Check,Instantly confirm product genuineness by scanning.

Points redemption solution

The Defender system boosts engagement & buying drive via point-redemption.

Traceability security solution

Brand owners leverage Defender system to monitor product journey, control distribution, assure traceability.

Product Grouping

We Provide The Following Products & Services

Custom Security Labels

A unique logo that showcases brand personality and product information

Custom Anti-Counterfeit Paper Boxes

Provide personalized protection and display solutions

Custom Anti-Counterfeit Hang Tags

Integrate brand promotion, information display and security functions

Custom Security Packaging Tapes

Special sealing and pasting products that combine brand identity and functionality

Custom Anti-Counterfeit Certificates

Combined with laser holographic hot stamping, invisible fluorescent ink, etc., it can produce high-level anti-counterfeiting document paper

Custom Secure Tickets Coupons

Only with anti-counterfeiting technology can its intrinsic value be truly reflected

Custom Security Woven Labels

Tailor-made for products

We Provide

Customized services

Label Design And Printing Services

  • label logo design
  • carton design
  • Hang tag design
  • More designs

Product Traceability System

  • Meet different needs
  • Provide 1 to 1 personalized solutions

Coding And Query System

  • Developed & mature traceability system
  • Provide the entire product traceability process from source to terminal

Product Safety Circulation Guarantee

  • Generate unique code for each product
  • Provide product information query system

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QS Defender - Guangzhou Qingsong Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Provider in Authentication & Anti Counterfeiting Solutions

Since its establishment in 2007, it has been committed to providing advanced digital solutions by combining defender systems with packaging and printing products.As an industry pioneer, we are the first to integrate traceability and security query systems to give products a unique identity, ensure full traceability, and strengthen product safety and brand reputation.About QS Defender

Sustainable Development

Recruit Global Partners

Dear global business partners,We are a leading manufacturer focused on R&D and manufacturing of high-quality products. We have established a secure position in the industry with our unique innovative technologies and multiple patents. We sincerely invite global agents and partners who share a common vision and strategic goals to join our family.

We supply:

Unique and advanced product series:

Relying on independently developed core technologies, we have launched a series of products that are highly competitive in the market and deeply loved by users.

Powerful technical support:

We have a professional technical research and development team and a complete patent protection system to protect your sales activities.

One-stop solution:

From product customization, marketing to after-sales service, we will provide comprehensive support services throughout the processes.

Sharing market resources:

As our agent or partner, you will enjoy rich industry experience and extensive customer network resources.

Fair and mutually beneficial cooperation policy:

We are committed to providing highly competitive price advantages and generous profit margins, as well as fair and transparent cooperation terms.

If you are interested in becoming our global agent or partner and are committed to long-term cooperation and mutual development, please feel free to contact us and look forward to creating brilliance together!

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