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QR Code Label Integrated Marketing Solutions

QR code label, as a highly condensed and easy to read technology, can integrate a large amount of identity information, such as company information, product introductions, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. QR code labels are widely used in smart product packaging, which can not only play a role in product anti-counterfeiting, but also protect and promote the brand.

How To Use QR Code Label

Automatically trigger marketing activities
Personalized customization anywhere in the product
Can use a set of labels, 10 in 1, efficient data collection.

Member points system solution

supports flexible setting of member levels and point rules, automatically adjusting the accumulation and redemption ratio of points based on member consumption behavior, and enhancing the member experience.Learn More

Red envelope activity system solution

supports multiple types of red envelopes (such as random amounts, discount coupons, cash red envelopes, etc.) and distribution rules to adapt to different marketing scenarios.Learn More

Promotion points system solution

Build a points mall where users can exchange points for goods or services, increasing the value of points usage and improving promotional effectiveness.Learn More

Voucher cancellation system solution

Defender system automated management: Automatically manage ticket expiration dates and inventory, reduce manual intervention, and lower error rates.Learn More

Our Areas Of Expertise

Defender Security Label and Brand Protection

To create the printed products that protect against counterfeiting, product diversion and fraud.

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Anti-Counterfeiting Identification Solution

The safety traceability system makes the products with a unique identity and records all information from raw materials to sales.

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Channel and Anti-Counterfeiting Management

Our process integrates printing and anti-counterfeiting security technologies into a multi-layered solution.

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Protect the core value of the brand, empower business partners to maximize their profits, and put customer rights first.

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