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Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability Security Solutions

QR code anti-counterfeiting systems enable consumers to easily verify products by scanning, revealing the product's lifecycle from manufacturing to retail. Brands benefit from enhanced supply chain transparency, control over distribution, and comprehensive traceability. This efficient solution bolsters anti-counterfeiting efforts, enhances consumer safety, and upholds brand reputation.

How To Use

Customize brand security protection for your products
Scan QR code to learn more about products
Track real-time logistics information

Agricultural products traceability solutions

Traceability ensures each agricultural product phase—planting, agrochemical use, harvest, processing, to transport—is tracked, verifying absence of banned substances, protecting consumer health.Learn More

Maternal and infant product traceability solutions

A high-quality traceability system serves as added value,a customizable traceability system for infant and postpartum products that tracks materials and production details to ensure compliance and prevent non-conforming products from entering the market.vLearn More

Qr code traceability solution

Integrating IoT, big data, and QR code technologies enables rapid information capture and dissemination.Integrating IoT, big data, and QR code technologies enables rapid information capture and dissemination.Learn More

Our Areas Of Expertise

Defender Security Label and Brand Protection

To create the printed products that protect against counterfeiting, product diversion and fraud.

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Anti-Counterfeiting Identification Solution

The safety traceability system makes the products with a unique identity and records all information from raw materials to sales.

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Channel and Anti-Counterfeiting Management

Our process integrates printing and anti-counterfeiting security technologies into a multi-layered solution.

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Protect the core value of the brand, empower business partners to maximize their profits, and put customer rights first.

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