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QS Defender Security Label And Brand Protection

Defender security labels not only help combat counterfeit goods and protect consumer interests but also safeguard brand image and market position. By employing Defender security labels, brand owners can effectively curb illegal circulation and smuggling activities, maintain the order of normal sales channels, and ensure that the market value of the brand remains intact.

Combined with the brand's digital marketing strategy, through value-added services such as point redemption and promotional activities, we can further deepen the interaction and connection between the brand and consumers and enhance consumer loyalty.


The existence of the gray market poses an obstacle to the development of original brands. Therefore, taking effective measures to avoid the impact of the gray market, implementing anti-counterfeiting solutions and protection strategies for brands, and deploying professional protection software have become key issues that enterprises need to solve urgently.


A five-step process to support your business
Step 1

Initial Contact

We take the time to thoroughly understand your specific problem.

Step 2

Needs Assessment

We evaluate all information for in-depth analysis to understand the root cause of the problem and how to effectively resolve it.

Step 3

Presentation & Discussion

Based on your existing operational setup and aligned with your brand strategy, we come up with a solution that meets the challenge.

Step 4

Agreement Signing

After the two parties reach an agreement on the cooperation plan, they sign a formal cooperation agreement, clarify the rights and obligations of each party, establish the cooperation framework and terms, and officially launch the project.

Step 5

After-Sales Support & Maintenance

After the cooperation project is completed, we will continue to provide necessary after-sales support services, including product maintenance, training, consulting services, etc., to ensure the continuity and stability of the cooperation project.

Anti-Counterfeiting Label Solution

One of the effective ways Defender supports clients in combating counterfeit products is by providing highly advanced security label solutions, which can be applied to physical products.These solutions include tamper-evident seals,QR code labels, and security texture labels etc, which are customized according to the needs of the clients.Get A Solution Quote

Packaging Security Solutions

Our packaging security solutions can be applied directly to a product's primary or secondary packaging.Explicit or covert security features are available for various types of packaging, such as QR codes on cartons, tamper-evident label seals, etc.Get A Solution Quote

Product Security Solutions

defender's product security solutions are security solutions that are applied directly to the product or products, ensuring their authenticity.We offer different product security solutions, including overt or covert security features. For example, anti-counterfeiting ink printing, invisible sequence serial number, and holographic hot stamping.Get A Solution Quote
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