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Provider in Authentication & Anti Counterfeiting Solutions

Since its establishment in 2007, it has been committed to providing advanced digital solutions by combining defender systems with packaging and printing products.As an industry pioneer, we are the first to integrate traceability and security query systems to give products a unique identity, ensure full traceability, and strengthen product safety and brand reputation.

Development History

Become Our Regional Agent You Will Get

Exclusive Authorization

Becoming a national agent will exclusively enjoy the exclusive sales rights in a specific region, avoiding the troubles caused by market competition and ensuring the agent's monopoly position and competitive advantage in a specific market.

Technical Support Or One-stop Service

We provide a full range of technical support and training to ensure that agents can fully demonstrate the advantages of their products.

From order processing, logistics and distribution to after-sales service, we provide one-stop service to reduce your operational burden and allow you to focus on market development and customer service.

Generous Profits And Incentive Policies

We have designed a highly competitive agent price system and generous sales incentive policies to ensure that agents can obtain stable and considerable returns while providing high-quality products.

Cooperation Conditions

Legal Qualifications

The applicant must have a legally registered legal entity, hold a valid business license and enjoy good business reputation in the country/region where it is located.

Possess international trade experience and necessary import and export permissions, as well as sales and distribution licenses in the local market.

Market Experience

Applicants need to have a deep industry background and mature sales channels in the target market, as well as an in-depth understanding of the local market and rich customer resources.

Have successful brand agency experience, especially a stable customer base and good brand promotion record in related fields.

Financial Strength

Provide proof of sufficient funds to ensure that the initial investment and operating costs stipulated in the contract can be fulfilled, including but not limited to the initial purchase amount, marketing expenses and daily operating capital.

Team And Service Capabilities

We have a professional and efficient team that can provide high-quality customer service and technical support to ensure the consistency of brand standards.

Commit to conducting employee training in accordance with the brand owner's requirements to ensure that service quality meets the brand owner's standards and specifications.

Integrity Management

Agents must strictly abide by business ethics and laws and regulations, and shall not engage in any form of counterfeiting, infringement or unfair competition.

Information sharing and communication

Feedback market information and sales data to brands promptly and accurately, and maintain a good communication and coordination mechanism.

Contract Performance

A formal cooperation agreement must be signed, clarifying terms such as the cooperation period, rights and obligations, liability for breach of contract, etc., and must be strictly implemented in accordance with the contract.

Protect the core value of the brand, empower business partners to maximize their profits, and put customer rights first.

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