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Production Line Coding Management & Data Acquisition System Solutions

The one-product-one-code digital solution empowers enterprises to achieve end-to-end digital management across warehouses, channels, and stores, capturing real-time inventory data at every stage. Leveraging this accurate sales and inventory data, companies can strategically plan production and sales initiatives. Meanwhile, it dynamically assigns unique codes to products without compromising production speed, thereby establishing an interconnected identity system across individual items, boxes, and pallets. This holistic approach fosters robust product tracking, supply chain oversight, and interactive marketing campaigns.

How To Use

Data synthesis technology solutions
One large QR code manages multiple small labels
Scan the QR code of the big box to get all the product data inside

Wine & Spirits industry Solution

One product, one code ensures the uniqueness of each package, effectively preventing the circulation of counterfeit and inferior goods, and maintaining brand reputation.Learn More

Logistics industry Solutions

Dynamic coding supports rapid identification and sorting, combined with intelligent path planning to optimize distribution efficiency and reduce costsLearn More

Cosmetics industry Solution

Real time data assists in inventory management and sales forecasting, reducing excess and out of stock situations, and improving operational efficiency.Learn More

Our Areas Of Expertise

Defender Security Label and Brand Protection

To create the printed products that protect against counterfeiting, product diversion and fraud.

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Anti-Counterfeiting Identification Solution

The safety traceability system makes the products with a unique identity and records all information from raw materials to sales.

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Channel and Anti-Counterfeiting Management

Our process integrates printing and anti-counterfeiting security technologies into a multi-layered solution.

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Protect the core value of the brand, empower business partners to maximize their profits, and put customer rights first.

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