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Anti Counterfeiting System

QS Defender provides a leading digital anti-counterfeiting system, providing comprehensive solutions from the design and production of anti-counterfeiting labels to system support.

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Anti Counterfeiting Products

QS Defender provides personalized design of anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting paper boxes, anti-counterfeiting hang tags, anti-counterfeiting packaging tape, anti-counterfeiting woven labels, and anti-counterfeiting tickets.

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Become an agent for QS Defender

Individuals or companies with entrepreneurial ideas are welcome to join us and start a business through our anti-counterfeiting products, anti-counterfeiting technology, and total anti counterfeiting solutions.

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Customize Exclusive Anti-counterfeiting Solutions by QS Defender

Personalized Design

Our team will design unique anti-counterfeit packaging and security labels that match your brand image based on your brand positioning, product features and market strategies.

High-quality Printing

Using environmentally friendly anti-counterfeit materials and advanced anti-counterfeit printing technology to ensure that the final product with excellent quality and meets your high standards.

Digital Solutions

Relying on advanced digital platforms, we provide services such as traceable anti-counterfeiting systems, online ordering systems, and product information management platforms to realize full-process information management of products from design to production.

One-to-one Service

We provide one-stop service from project consultation, demand analysis, sample production to mass production, ensuring that every customization can meet your personalized needs.

Let's Talk About Your Plan

If you need anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting packaging boxes, anti-counterfeiting packaging tapes, anti-counterfeiting hanging tags, anti-counterfeiting woven labels, anti-counterfeiting certificates, anti-counterfeiting tickets and other solutions, if you are interested in our agency investment promotion, if you need to consult any anti-counterfeiting technology issues, our expertise team can provide you perfect solution.

How QS Defender Works

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Initial Consultation

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Requirements Confirmation

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Quotes And Plans

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Sign A Contract

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Inspection And Delivery

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Receipt Of Goods

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After Sales Support

Anti Counterfeiting Technology and Factory Support

Our factory has advanced printing equipments and anti-counterfeiting technology, and we tour throughout the country.

Qualification Certification

Professional and trustworthy.

Provided Anti-counterfeiting Technology Solutions For More Industries

QS Defender has been committed to providing anti-counterfeiting technology and solutions for various industries since 2007, accumulating rich experience in many industries and possessing industry-leading technologies. Welcome to learn how we have accomplished challenges in your industry.

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