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FAQs for Brand Owner
  • How to use digital tools to enhance brand influence?

    The defender digital platform colludes with social media, content marketing platforms, short videos, live broadcasts and other methods to expand online exposure, implement precise targeted advertising, use big data analysis to understand consumer behavior and habits, and achieve personalized recommendations and interactive marketing.  

  • How to deal with brand aging and maintain brand innovation vitality?

    With the help of digital, intelligent and other new technical means for brand rejuvenation. Use the points system, exchange activity system, product traceability to let customers know more about the product, participate in brand activities, enhance brand effect and customer stickiness.          

  • How to control costs and improve profitability amid fierce competition?

    To solve the problem from the root: to combat the gray market, tracing labels can comprehensively combat the transfer of the gray market and avoid the emergence of anti-counterfeiting products.

  • How to ensure supply chain stability and product quality?

    Establish long-term strategic cooperation with reliable suppliers, use QS defender digital platform to strengthen the monitoring of raw material procurement, production process, logistics distribution and other links to ensure compliance with domestic and international quality standards.

  • How to effectively manage consumer relationships and provide quality services?

    Establish a complete Digital platform system, respond to consumer complaints and suggestions in a timely manner, provide personalized after-sales service, launch a membership system and points system to increase consumer stickiness, and conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to continuously optimize service quality.

  • How to solve the problem of brand anti-counterfeiting and counterfeit goods?

    Brand owners can use advanced technologies such as RFID, one-object-one-code, security labels, etc. to establish a complete anti-counterfeiting traceability system to ensure that goods can be traced from production to sales. At the same time, they can cooperate with legal measures to combat counterfeit and shoddy goods to maintain brand image and consumers. rights and interests.

  • How to solve the problem of brand anti-counterfeiting and counterfeit goods?

    Brand owners can use advanced technologies such as RFID, one-object-one-code, security labels, etc. to establish a complete anti-counterfeiting traceability system to ensure that goods can be traced from production to sales. At the same time, they can cooperate with legal measures to combat counterfeit and shoddy goods to maintain brand image and consumers. rights and interests.

FAQs for Traders & Intermediaries
  • How to get product details?

    Consumers only need to scan the QR code or barcode on the product label to be directly linked to the official website or dedicated page to obtain the product's detailed description, usage guide, ingredient list and other relevant information.

  • What should I do if I find a product label is damaged or unreadable?

    If you encounter this situation, please save the original label photo and contact our customer service department as soon as possible, and we will provide you with a solution based on the specific situation.

  • How to use the points function on product labels?

    After consumers purchase products with the points function, they can accumulate points on the brand's APP or mini-program by scanning the QR code on the label or entering the code. The points can be used to redeem goods, coupons or other value-added services.

  • How to verify the anti-counterfeiting information on product labels?

    By scanning the QR code or RFID tag on the product label, or observing the invisible fluorescent ink under a specific light source, consumers can quickly identify the authenticity of the product. At the same time, you can also inquire by visiting the official website or calling the official hotline.

  • How to trace the origin of goods through product labels?

    Each tag corresponds to a unique identification code, which records information on all aspects of the product from raw material procurement, production, inspection to sales. After consumers scan the label, they can view the complete product life cycle traceability record.

  • How to ensure that product labels cannot be removed and reused?

    We use special materials and processes to make the labels. Once removed, they will be damaged or leave obvious marks, ensuring that the labels can only be used effectively once. Some advanced anti-counterfeiting labels also use destructive peeling designs, which are ineffective when peeled off.

  • How do middlemen handle relationships with upstream and downstream customers to avoid disputes?

    With the QS defender digital platform for unified management, clear the expectations and requirements of both supply and demand parties, sign detailed contracts to ensure that product specifications, prices, delivery and other information accurate.

  • How to ensure the safety of funds during transactions?

    Traders can use letters of credit, third-party guaranteed transactions, installment payments, factoring and other methods to reduce risks. At the same time, they can cooperate with banks and insurance companies to use financial instruments to ensure the safety of funds.

  • As a trader or middleman, how to find and select high-quality suppliers?

    Traders should find suppliers through industry exhibitions, online platforms, peer recommendations, etc., and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their production capabilities, product quality, qualification certificates, past performance, credibility, etc.

Booking FAQs
  • How to use product labels for marketing activities?

    In addition to basic anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions, we can also combine labels with marketing activities, such as organizing activities such as scanning QR codes to receive red envelopes and points draws to stimulate consumer interaction and enhance brand loyalty and market activity.

  • Do product labels support personalization?

    We support personalized customization of product labels, including but not limited to color, pattern, size, shape, as well as customization of specific anti-counterfeiting elements and marketing functions to meet the needs of different brands and products.

  • How to ensure that product labels can be used normally in various environments?

    Our product labels use special materials and coatings that are resistant to high temperature, low temperature, waterproof, and scratch resistance to ensure that the information on the label can still be clearly seen under different climate conditions and usage environments, and the anti-counterfeiting technology remains effective.

  • What is the review and revision process?

    We will first send the first draft to the customer for review, and the customer can make modifications according to their needs. We provide a certain number of free modification services, and enter the production stage after both parties confirm that the design is correct.

  • What should customers pay attention to when providing design manuscripts?

    The design draft provided by the customer should include high-definition drawings, accurate color mode (CMYK or Pantone color number), size specifications and special requirements (such as lamination, drilling, etc.). Also, please ensure that all text is clearly visible and copyright-free.

  • How to check order status and track logistics information?

    After the order is placed, we will provide a dedicated account manager to connect with you and provide feedback on the order progress at any time. Bulk cargo logistics information can be queried in real time through the express delivery number.

  • How do you ensure consistency and accuracy of high-volume labeling?

    We use advanced production equipment and technology, coupled with a strict quality management system, to ensure that the label printing quality of each batch is uniform and accurate.

  • Do your labels have anti-counterfeiting features?

    We can provide labels containing holographic hot stamping, invisible fluorescent ink, unique serial numbers and other security technologies to ensure the safety and uniqueness of goods.

  • Are the printing materials and inks you use environmentally friendly?

    We select printing materials and harmless inks that comply with international environmental standards to ensure product safety and pollution-free.

  • Can you provide custom design services?

    Yes, we have a professional design team that can carry out personalized label design according to the customer's brand style and product characteristics

  • In which industries can your products be applied?

    Our labels are widely used in food and beverage, medicine and health care, daily chemical products, electronic products, logistics and warehousing and other industries, covering almost all products that require label identification.

  • What types of label printing services can you provide?

    We provide various types of printing services including but not limited to labels, cartons, tags, tapes, securities, etc., and also support personalized customization.

  • Do you accept small batch orders?

    We accept both large-volume orders and small-volume customization to meet the needs of different customers.

  • How long is the typical delivery lead time?

    The delivery cycle depends on the order quantity, label complexity and current production schedule. Under normal circumstances, simple labels can be produced within 1 working day at the earliest. The specific time will be clearly informed in the quotation.

  • Can you provide sample service?

    Of course, we can provide free samples according to customer requirements, and the shipping costs need to be borne by the customer.

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