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QSDEFENDER Joins China’s Printing “Elite Group” Documentary of Journey to the Middle East

QSDEFENDER Joins China’s Printing “Elite Group” Documentary of Journey to the Middle East

May 9,2024
Printing “Elite Group” Documentary of Journey to the Middle East
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The impact of the World Cup on us is absolute. The day after it was announced that Qatar had won the right to host the 2022 World Cup, our boss decided to open a branch in Qatar. Now our business volume has doubled, and I believe it will increase more than three times in the future. "Denny, the manager of Qatar's AST Digital Express Printing Store, introduced excitedly.

AST Digital Printing Stores headquartered in Dubai and has 32 branches in the Middle East. There are now three branches in Qatar, each catering to different customer groups, and they undertake a wide range of printing types, from tender documents for engineering projects, to logos and signboards for advertising, to color commercial printing, almost all printing-related large-scale printing Some products can be seen here. 

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From a certain perspective, Qatar's printing industry is not as clearly segmented as domestic ones, nor is it as comprehensive and professional as domestic solutions. Talking about future cooperation with China in terms of production capacity, Denny is very looking forward to it. He said frankly: "After the World Cup, the order volume may fall back. If we expand all the production capacity ourselves, it may lead to idle equipment. It is very wise to cooperate with Chinese suppliers. 
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Denny took out a sample picture of a bracelet and asked, "Can you do it?" Someone in our inspection team immediately responded, "We have done a lot." Denny was pleasantly surprised, "That's great! Since the seven Middle East countries and Qatar After the severance of diplomatic relations, we were unable to purchase many of our raw materials, so we had no choice but to not make them or use substitutes, but the substitutes were not very effective.

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Then Denny took out several samples and asked Chinese companies if they could supply them. This ignited the excitement of Qatar companies and the Chinese delegation. One party expressed his frustration that he could not find a suitable supplier and had to give up many orders. The other party expressed his frustration and confidently said that we are already familiar with making these products. It felt like it was too late for both parties to meet.

This time, the Chinese printing and packaging enterprise delegation organized by the China Academy of Printing Science and Technology and Keyin Media visited three local enterprises in Qatar. Without exception, every stop at each store was like a lively trade fair, with both parties exchanging surprised looks among the various samples. The Qatar companies felt relieved and finally found a suitable supplier; the Chinese companies also felt the huge potential of the local market.

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As Zhao Pengfei said, the director of the institute, "After this inspection, our confidence in the industry has undoubtedly been enhanced. The largest printing company in Qatar has less than 100 people, and it is not a full-time printing position, Equipment, on-site management, quality Management, production efficiency, standardization, etc. are all far behind the average level of Chinas printing industry, not to mention our group members. Now is a good time for us to step in and join forces with them!

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