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Indonesia Packaging and Printing Exhibition

Indonesia Packaging and Printing Exhibition

Sep 9,2014
PT Jakarta International Expo

From September 3rd to 6th, 2014, QS defender company will participate in the packaging and printing exhibition in Indonesia for four consecutive days. The address is Hall A2-M20 of the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is a cross-border trip, going abroad, which is the first of its kind in the domestic anti-counterfeiting industry. It means that QS defender company’s anti-counterfeiting business will no longer be limited to the domestic market, but will reach a higher level and move forward to the international stage.

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Today is the first day of QS defender company’s trip to the Indonesian Packaging and Printing Exhibition. The exotic customs and novel anti-counterfeiting technology have attracted many foreign manufacturers and sellers. The reception staff of QS defender Company used proficient English and warm etiquette to Welcoming them and explaining the principles and application scope of our company's high-end anti-counterfeiting technology.

In the afternoon, some domestic and foreign brand suppliers, agents, and traders also showed great interest in our company's anti-counterfeiting products. The friendly tone and pertinent introduction of the receptionist of QS defender won the affirmation and appreciation of the visitors. The exhibition will be held for four consecutive days from September 3 to September 6. Customers are welcome to visit and QS defender company  will serve wholeheartedly.

Indonesia Packaging and Printing Exhibition
Packaging and Printing Exhibition

Why does QS defender company dare to go abroad?

There are numerous domestic anti-counterfeiting companies, but few are able to “go global”. Why is QS defender Anti-Counterfeiting Company able to take confident steps to explore foreign markets? It is reported that QS defender Company is located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, an international business center. The company has its own independent production workshop and its own independent professional and technical research and development department. It is the anti-counterfeiting technology that QS defender company has devoted itself to research and development and obtained national patents. In addition, the company also has a group of elite sales teams with a sense of social responsibility and complete after-sales service. The halo honors of Vice Chairman of Famous Enterprises, Top Ten Brands in Guangdong Province’s Anti-Counterfeiting Industry, and 4A-level China Quality Credit Enterprise are the society’s full affirmation of QS defender company. All of these have allowed QS defender to go abroad. Calm and confident.

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QS defender company sells not only products, but also a social responsibility.

Currently, with the development of China’s socialist market economy, counterfeit and shoddy goods have emerged in large numbers, which has not only become a prominent problem hindering economic and social development, but also seriously harmed the personal interests of enterprises and consumers. Mr. Zheng Qingsong, the founder of QS Defender Company, founded the anti-counterfeiting company under this background. "We not only want to sell products, but also contribute to a good social atmosphere." "What do we have more than other anti-counterfeiting companies? Not only technology, but also our responsibility!", said Mr. Zheng He said that the honors received by the QS defender brand are the best evidence of Mr. Zheng’s contribution to the anti-counterfeiting cause.

Ambition and looking to the future

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Products may have regional characteristics, but anti-counterfeiting knows no boundaries. Ten years of anti-counterfeiting, along the way, many emotions, in these ten years, we have protected many enterprises, and in the future,QS defender will set its sights on the world, we promise: we will provide every customer with the best Excellent service allows them to go further in the future. Please leave the problem of product anti-counterfeiting to us. Anti-counterfeiting problems can be solved easily!

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